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These Underwater Apple Watch Earbuds Have a Rating of IPX8

The H2O Audio Interval Underwater Apple Watch Earbuds allow swimmers to listen to music beneath the surface. They feature an ergonomic shape that promotes proper alignment and fit. Also, they provide less drag in the water. They easily integrate into goggle loops to make them easy to attach and remove. ...

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Hearsay, maker of compliant tools for financial services, deepens ties with Salesforce – TechCrunch

Financial services companies like banks and insurance tend to be heavily regulated. As such they require a special level of security and auditability. Hearsay, which makes compliant communications tools for these types of companies, announced a new partnership with Salesforce today, enabling smooth integration with Salesforce CRM and marketing automation ...

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Juniper extends AI-driven network insights to WAN and branch locations

Juniper Networks on Wednesday announced it’s extending AI-driven insights to WAN and branch networks with a new cloud-based service called Juniper Mist WAN Assurance. Additionally, the company is introducing a new conversational interface to networking operations, enabling either IT teams or end users to more easily communicate with Marvis, Juniper’s ...

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Antitrust argument being made by Apple today is bad PR

We’ve now had a chance to see the antitrust argument Tim Cook will make in today’s hearing, and it essentially amounts to: there’s nothing to see here. Apple is arguing that it has done nothing wrong in the past, is doing nothing wrong now and sees no need to change ...

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AAPL Q3 is a throwaway, say analysts; want Q4 brushstrokes

With the coronavirus crisis having hit Apple’s supply chain and consumer willingness to spend money on shiny new toys, analysts are expecting AAPL Q3 results to be rather underwhelming. Confirmation of this in tomorrow’s earnings announcement is unlikely to cause any great concern. Many analysts don’t expect to get any ...

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Kivy Python tutorial: Build attractive mobile apps in Python!

In this Kivy Python tutorial, you will learn how to use Kivy for Python app development. By the end, you’ll understand how to start building cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows using Python. Python is a powerful, flexible, and beginner-friendly programming language that has rapidly grown to become one ...

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OkCupid: Hackers want your data, not a relationship

Researchers exploring OkCupid for security holes have found a way for hackers to pillage the sensitive data of users.  OkCupid has catered to over 50 million registered users since its launch. As one of the most popular options out there for dating — alongside rivals such as Tinder, Plenty of ...

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