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What is Python and how do you get started?

Let’s start from the beginning: what is Python and why should you learn it? Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. It powers a huge number of extremely influential apps and websites, including Instagram, Google, Spotify, and Netflix. Python is also commonly used in data science and ...

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How to reverse a list in Python

Knowing how to reverse a list in Python is a trick that can come in handy surprisingly often. In this post, we’ll look at a few ways you can do it! How to reverse a list in Python the easy way In Python, a list is a variable that stores ...

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How to call a function in Python

In the last post introducing Python, I demonstrated how to make a simple app using variables and conditional statements. In order to do anything really powerful in a given programming language though, you need to understand functions! In this post, we’ll discuss the Python function call. What is a Python ...

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How to add Python to Path (Windows)

One of the great things about having Python installed on your Windows machine, is that you can access it from anywhere. Simply pull up a command prompt and you can start entering commands, installing new modules via pip, and feeling like a badass hacker! In order for this to work ...

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How to reverse a string in Python

Credit: Adam Sinicki/ Android Authority As there is no in-built function, if you want to know how to reverse a string in Python, you will need to use one of two McGyver techniques. Fortunately, these are still relatively straightforward and don’t take long at all to learn. Here’s what you ...

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How to define a function in Python

p Learning how to define a function in Python is one of the most important steps to mastering the language. Functions are blocks of code that perform a specific task and can be “called” from any point in the rest of your program. This allows you to avoid writing out ...

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