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You could be wanting a new TV that can take up your entire wall space or a smark desk to improve your productivity at work. 2020 technologies have been all about improving your life indoors so far. From smart home to AI to home office trends, this year’s seen a ...

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These WWII-Inspired Shirts Are Incredibly Soft Cotton

It’s true: Hawaiian shirts have a place in your closet again. The Easy Company Outfitters Hawaiian Collection WWII-Inspired Shirts bring the design back to its vintage roots. Combining authentic Hawaiian elements with minimalist art, these Hawaiian shirts draw inspiration from the return home of WWII soldiers. When they came back ...

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This Next Generation No-Touch Stylus Avoids Germs in Public

With an innovative design, the CleanClick Next Generation No-Touch Stylus helps you avoid touching bacteria. With this germ-free stylus, you can avoid touching public surfaces, touchscreens, and PIN pads. So you can pull cash out at your ATM without worrying about who was there before you. One of the benefits ...

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This Apple AirPods Holder Is a Stylish Recharge Spot

Even though you use your AirPods every day, there’s always the possibility you’ll lose them because they’re so compact. With the Proper Wireless Charging Dock Apple AirPods Holder, you’ll always know where you put them. This dock is like an elegant little bed for your headphones. With a sleek silver ...

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This Bugatti Baby II Is a Limited-Edition Car for Kids

The Bugatti Baby II Mini Car is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, with only 500 units available. It’s aimed at children and young adults looking for a new toy. The Baby II is a replica of the Bugatti Type 35 but is three-quarters of its size. Therefore, it’s suitable ...

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This Apple Watch Charger Organizer Keeps Charger Cords Tidy

Sick of your Apple Watch charger cords taking up space on your nightstand? The Fuse Watch Side Winder Apple Watch Charger Organizer can solve this problem. This charger winder keeps your Apple Watch charger cords tidy and damage-free with its patent-pending SNOTCH cable latch. The latch keeps your cables wound ...

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