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Save $300 on Microsoft Surface Laptop deals at Best Buy

You can save $300 on a Surface Laptop deal this week at Best Buy, with savings across the range available now. These traditionally pricey laptops aren’t dropping to mind-blowingly cheap prices, but that chunk of cash off the final cost makes for an excellent discount that’s worth checking out if you’re shopping in this price range any way. 

Those prices start at $899 right now, on a larger 15-inch configuration with a Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. That’s perfect if you’re looking for a zippy laptop with all the premium features the Surface Laptop brings, but you don’t need bags of power under the hood. However, spend just $100 extra and you can upgrade to a 256GB SSD and switch to an i5 processor in a slightly better value Surface Laptop deal. we’re seeing configurations all the way up to a 1TB SSD with an i7 processor available with the same $300 discount this week (now available for $2,099), so there’s plenty to shop if you are looking to get some heavier computing or media editing done. 

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