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This Next Generation No-Touch Stylus Avoids Germs in Public

With an innovative design, the CleanClick Next Generation No-Touch Stylus helps you avoid touching bacteria. With this germ-free stylus, you can avoid touching public surfaces, touchscreens, and PIN pads. So you can pull cash out at your ATM without worrying about who was there before you. One of the benefits of this gadget is that you don’t have to wear gloves for these purposes anymore. Because this product is always clean, it gives you peace of mind when you’re in public. With a compact, ergonomic design, it’s easy to fit this next generation no-touch stylus in your pocket for instant access. Moreover, its brass core gives it a stylish look while the tip of the stylus uses capacitive touch. Made from sustainable materials, this antimicrobial tool has a keyring loop to easily attach to your keychain. Totally retractable, the spring-loaded stylus is there whenever you need it most.

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