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This thin gaming laptop is getting a new futuristic look

The Dell Alienware M15 Thin Gaming Laptop packs a lot of punch for its size. And though it’s been around for a little while, Dell recently redesigned the M15. So now it stands out from the rest of the gaming laptop crowd. This laptop is just 17.9 mm thick, which is less than three-quarters of an inch. This is pretty incredible when you consider that it lets you game as if you’re at a desktop computer. Additionally, this gaming laptop has a UHD OLED display panel with more than 8,000,000 pixels, ensuring your gaming experience is as lifelike as possible. Furthermore, this slim gaming laptop now has a more science fiction feel to it thanks to its redesign. This laptop for gamers has honeycomb-shaped vents with a signature Alienware alien face design. Plus, it has a multicolored LED backlight display, making it just plain fun to look at.

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